eCourier is an exact replica of the printed edition in electronic form, with searchable articles and advertisements.

eCourier is only available by subscription. It is promoted in The Courier, on, as well as WFIN, WKXA and 106.3 The Fox. We will offer categoryexclusivity availabilities for (4) advertising clients per month. In addition, your advertisement may link to your own website or email as well.


E-Courier F.A.Q.

What is an epaper? E-paper is basically an online presentation of the print-version of your daily newspaper, in its ‘original layout’ – with articles, advertisements, photographs, etc. positioned exactly as in the print version.



Can I read newspaper of earlier dates? Yes, click on the date drop down menu and select the date of your choice to read the newspaper. If you are looking for a newspaper that’s not in the list, please contact us, specifying the date and contents you are looking for.



Can I read various editions of a newspaper thru’ an epaper? We are offering only Hyderabad edition current as an ‘epaper’. You will be able to browse thru’ other editions shortly.



How do I see list of page headings of the newspaper? You can view list of contents by clicking on the “Index” link. It will list down all the page numbers and the page headings.



Can I search contents of the newspaper?

Yes, contents of the newspaper can be searched based on following attributes:

  1. Article search – Enter the topic of search (keywords) to get list of search results. For eg. if you are looking for articles on Finance, just enter politics to get list of articles containing the word ‘politics’.
  2. Advertisement Search – If you are looking for a specific advertisement (for eg. ‘Education’ – select Ads and enter keyword ‘education’ to get list of desired search results)
  3. Photograph search – This feature facilitates you to get list of photographs you are looking for from the newspaper.




How should I go to the next / previous pages ?

Yes, you can simply select the icons as below to go to the next/previous page OR to go to the first / last page of the epaper.



How do I view contents of articles?

Articles can be viewed either by clicking on the page or by selecting the article link from the search result. When you select an article on a particular page, you will observe that the selected portion is highlighted in a different color.



The article text is of very small size. How do I view the enlarged article?

On clicking the selected portion or the link in search result, you will get to read the article in a separate popup.



Can I have a customized view of articles?

Yes, by selecting the zoom-in and zoom-out button, you can view the article in a customized manner.




How should I go back and view the article in ‘Image’ mode?

Clicking on the ‘view image’ icon, article in the text mode can be viewed in the ‘image mode’ – exactly as it is in the print version.



Can I refer an article to my friends ?

Yes. You can click on the ‘Send Mail’ icon to send the link of the article as an email to your friends.



Is it possible to take print outs of the article?

Yes, print outs of article can be taken in A4 size page by clicking on ‘Print Article’ icon in the Article window.