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The Fostoria Review can be traced back to 1893. In 1897 the Fostoria Review merged another local newspaper, the Fostoria Dispatch to create the Daily Review. Fostoria had as many as six newspapers, including the Daily Review, the Fostoria Review, the Fostoria Democrat, the Fostoria Times, Fostoria Weekly Dispatch and the Fostoria Daily Dispatch. After many consolidations, a final merger happened in 1943 when the DAILY Review and the Daily Times combined to become the Review Times. The Findlay Publishing Company purchased the Review Times on February 1, 1999.

2013 Advertising Rates

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How do I calculate the cost of a display ad?

Multiply the number of the columns of the ad x the depth of the ad in inches. Take that sum and multiply by the per column inch rate.

What days does The Review Times publish

Monday through Saturday AM

What is the circulation of The Review Times: weekday and Saturday?

Weekdays – 18,700 and Saturdays – 22,425

Can you zone inserts?

Yes. In Findlay there are 4 city zones. Outside of Findlay we offer zoning by Zip Code Clusters.

What are the file format requirements for artwork?

.pdf, Acrobat 4.0 or higher; all fonts embedded; all color CMYK; resolution 200 DPI max on photos; frequency 100 LPI

Do you have EMC product? What is the circulation?

Yes. The Monday Plus, circulation is 15,600

Newspaper In Education


The Newspaper In Education Program of The Review Times is based on the needs of students to learn skills as they relate to the real world. Students who read and analyze the events of their daily world and community, become adults who read, analyze and participate in these events as well-informed, responsible citizens.

How Does Your Newspaper In Education Contribution Help? The Review Times provides reliable access to the daily paper, teaching guides and student supplements for a variety of grade levels and topics throughout the year. Because school funds are limited, we have developed the business sponsorship program. This program enlists the support of local businesses in providing the cost of the newspaper. Through their involvement in this program, business leaders provide teachers with the assurance of having multiple copies of the newspaper for use with their students.

Teacher Training Helping teachers to make the best use of these newspapers is the second function of the Newspaper In Education program. Training is an important part of this goal. More than 25 teachers in several different school districts have already taken advantage of this program with many still waiting for sponsorship.

The Review Times also sponsored an “in service” training day before classes began this fall. Many teachers find it helpful to discuss with others ideas on how to incorporate newspapers into their daily curriculum.