The Courier

The Findlay Publishing Company story begins with The Courier. The Courier, now over 175 years old and Findlay’s oldest surviving business, has been in continuous existence since Jacob Rosenberg published the first edition of The Findlay Courier on November 10, 1836. Although The Findlay Courier was the area’s first newspaper, it faced stiff competition from other local papers for almost 100 years. One such newspaper was The Republican, which was owned by The Findlay Publishing Company and began daily publication in 1886. Surviving competition from the other newspapers that came and went, The Republican and The Courier came under common ownership when The Findlay Publishing Company purchased The Courier in 1926.

Advertising Rates

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eCourier is an exact replica of the printed edition in electronic form, with searchable articles and advertisements.

eCourier is only available by subscription. It is promoted in The Courier, on, as well as WFIN, WKXA and 106.3 The Fox. We will offer category exclusivity availabilities for (4) advertising clients per month. In addition, your advertisement may link to your own website or email as well.


  • How do I calculate the cost of a display ad?
    Multiply the number of the columns of the ad x the depth of the ad in inches. Take the sum and multiply by the per column inch rate.
  • What days does The Courier publish?
    Monday through Saturday AM
  • What is the Circulation of The Courier: Weekday and Saturday?
    Weekdays – 18,700 and Saturdays – 22,425
  • Can you zone inserts?
    Yes. In Findlay there are 4 city zones. Outside of Findlay we offer zoning by Zip Code Clusters.
  • Is color in your ad an additional charge?
  • What are the file format requirements for artwork?
    .pdf, Acrobat 4.0 or higher; all fonts embedded; all color CMYK; resolution 200 DPI max on photos; frequency 100 LPI
  • Do you have a EMC product? What is the circulation?
    Yes. The Monday Plus, circulation is 15,600

Tell us a little about you


  • 18 to 24 (3.04%)
  • 25 to 34 (1.87%)
  • 35 to 54 (36.45%)
  • 55 to 64 (33.18%)
  • 65 + (25.47%)


  • Male (46.34%)
  • Female (53.9%)

Marital Status

  • Married (84.2%)
  • Single (16.04%)


  • Children living with you (31.34%)
  • Parents living with you (1.2%)
  • No dependents (67.7%)

Level of Education

  • High School Graduate or GED (17.25%)
  • Some College (24.53%)
  • College Graduate (37.38%)
  • Graduate School Degree (20.56%)

Employment Status

  • Full time
  • Factory (10.05%)
  • Sales (6.78%)
  • Management (7.24%)
  • Professional (24.3%)
  • Self-Employed (9.11%)
  • Part Time (9.11%)
  • Unemployed (3.5%)
  • Retired (29.91%)

Household Income

  • $25,000.00 (17.29%)
  • $25,001.00 to $50,000.00 (18.93%)
  • $50,001.00 to $75,000.00 (20.79%)
  • $75,001.00 to $100,000.00 (13.08%)
  • $150,000.00 and up (12.85%)

Do you live in Hancock County or any contiguous counties? (96.73%)

Which Courier products do you use?

  • The Courier print edition (94.54%)
  • The e-Courier (23.52%)
  • (57.72%)

Are you a fan/follower of The Courier via social media?

  • Facebook (16.82%)
  • Twitter (.9%)

How often do you take advantage of advertisements, preprinted inserts and money saving coupons found in The Courier? (79.04%)

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Newspaper in Education


NIE is an outstanding program between area schools, businesses like yours and The Courier. The Courier provides schools with the newspaper for use in the classroom. Teachers use the newspaper to expand and enhance classroom instruction by integrating up-to-the-minute information into other learning processes and to teach essential skills in social studies, language arts, math, economics, science and technology.

Studies show reading the newspaper stimulates hard to teach students by providing real world learning. The goal of NIE is to encourage literacy, to broaden students community and global perspectives and to equip local educators with a powerful tool for teaching.

How Does Your Newspaper In Education Contribution Help? The Courier provides reliable access to the daily paper, teaching guides and student supplements for a variety of grade levels and topics throughout the year. Because school funds are limited, we have developed the business sponsorship program. This program enlists the support of local businesses in providing the cost of the newspaper. Through their involvement in this program, business leaders provide teachers with the assurance of having multiple copies of the newspaper for use with their students.

Teacher Training More that 136 teachers in 17 schools districts have taken advantage of this program, and many still are waiting for sponsorship. Helping teachers to make the best use of these newspapers is the second function of the NIE program. Training is an important part of this goal.

In addition to newspaper The Courier also sponsors an in service training day before the start of school each year. Many teachers find it helpful to discuss with others ideas on how to incorporate newspapers into their daily curriculum. Teachers also receive NIE curriculum materials, student activity lessons, and educational supplements.

Newspaper In Education – Online Teacher 2013-2014 Request Form

How Can You Support N.I.E.? Since the NIE program started in 2000 we have more than tripled the number of teachers and students using The Courier newspaper. In the 2003-2004 school year, 70,854 papers were distributed to 66 teachers in 17 schools.

For this school year we are distributing over 119,351 newspapers to 91 teachers in 35 schools.However, we need more funding to fulfill all requests. Your contribution to the NIE program will be used to provide newspapers to local classrooms.

Sponsor’s Commitment To participate in this exciting educational experience, you and your business will become a Newspaper In Education sponsor. For $300 you can provide copies of The Courier to a classroom for the ENTIRE school year. When your annual sponsorship reaches $1,000 or more you are eligible to file a 501-C3 tax exemption.The Courier will then take your sponsorship and match you to a classroom and handle all contact work with the school.

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